Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Today I have created a skittle manicure with lots of little Christmas friends, that you would normally see this time of year. I really love this manicure and I think it my favourite Christmas nail art I have done so far. Then again, I say that every time I write a blog post.
Let me introduce you all to them....
The Thumb: Christmas Tree
What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? I love putting up the tree, decorating it so it looks really pretty and it makes the home feel so festive. The house always looks so empty once we have to take it down. I created this look by painting my base colour with a no named green polish from Nails Supreme. I then used a dotting tool to create a zig-zag line using MUA's 'All Nude'. I created little baubles using different sized dotting tools, using the following polishes; 'Boudir' by Ciate, 'Vivid Lime' by Barry M and 'Sunshine' by Rimmel. All is topped off with a coat of Seche Vite.
The Index finger: Santa Claus
Father Christmas tends to be the main man of Christmas in the modern world, and a little visit from him will tell you if you have been naughty or nice this past year. This little dude, is so easy to recreate. I first used two coats of 'Boudoir' by Ciate as my base and allowed to dry. Using a large dotting tool I placed blobs of Barry M's 'Matte White' to create the fur trim on his jacket. I then sketched out a yellow square, using 'Sunshine' by Rimmel using a small dotting tool. To finish off the belt and buttons using the same small dotting tool and Nails Inc 'Black Taxi' I placed dots for buttons and added the belt detail. Of course it was finished off with a coat of SV.
The middle finger: Elf
Everyone needs a little help at Christmas, even Santa. To create this little helper I applied three coats of Barry M's 'Vivid Lime', its a neon polish so it either needs lots of coats or you can make life easier and apply a white base before the green. I then marked off some lines with stripping tape and applied the same green polish I used for the Christmas tree. Once dry I used a dotting tool to create the collar using 'Boudoir' by Ciate and 'Sunshine' by Rimmel for the bells. I used some black rhinestones for button details, and topped it all off with a coat of SV.
The ring finger: Rudolf
This is probably my favourite nail. I just love him, and I think you'll agree he is everyone's favourite reindeer. I used two coat of Barry M's 'Matte White' as my base. I then used a dotting tool to create the shape of him using 'Mushroom' by Barry M and outlined it with 'Black Taxi' by Nails Inc. For his nose I used a blob of 'Boudoir' by Ciate. Finished it all off with SV.
The pinky finger: Snowman
Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, right? Or is that just me? No Christmas manicure would be complete without a little bit of snow. I've gathered all that up and made myself a little snowman. I used two coats of 'Matte White' by Barry M and allowed to dry. I painted on a scarf using Ciate's 'Boudoir' and added the strip detail using the green polish by Nails Supreme. I added buttons using 'Black Taxi' by Nails Inc. Then added my final layer of Seche Vite.
There you have it, a lovely skittle manicure in time for Christmas. I think they look quite nice this way, but would also look quite nice having your nails all the same and more uniform, so you could technically create five different manicures from this look.
I'm not too sure I will get time to do another nail art post before Christmas as I want to wear these for a few days as I worked so hard on them. I really love them too, so I may keep them on for my Christmas day Manicure. I shall be applying my top coat like a mad woman.
If I don't post again before Christmas, can I take this opportunity to wish all my lovely followers a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy the festivities.
What do you think of my Christmas Nail art? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments box below.
Until next time...