Sunday, 15 September 2013

Geisha Girl Water Decal Nail Art

For today's nail art post, I tried something I haven't tried before: water decals. Why haven't I tried these before? I have no idea! I wish I could take credit for the beautiful detailed little designs, but I can't. I purchased them from a nail art company called Sparkly-Nails and I think I paid around £1.50 for the pack which contains 15 decals. So enough to do one full set of nails and a few spare in case of mishaps or accent nails.
I first prepped my nails using OPI's base coat, and applied three thin coats of Nails Inc's 'Warwick Avenue' to make the polish opaque and applied a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process and allowed to dry.
I chose five different designs to apply to my nails. I made sure I used the same picture for the same finger for both hands, but I used mirroring images so they were not all facing the same direction, which was a nice touch. I made sure I cut extremely close to the image so that it would fit onto my nails.
I filled a small bowl with tepid tap water and started with thee pinky finger. I placed the decal in the water for around 30 seconds and removed using tweezers. the image should then slide very easily off the paper backing and allowed me to place on my nail in the desired spot. You have around 30 seconds before the decal dries in place so you don't have to be super quick.
I continued with this process until all ten nails had been completed and topped them all off with a coat of Seche Vite to seal the water decals in place and to give my manicure that extra shine.
I am really please with how they ruined out and how simply and easy they were to apply. I got lots of compliments from this manicure. I ordered a bunch of different decals and I can't wait to use them again. Although I have lots of planned nail art for future posts to get through first.
Have you used water decals before? Do you find them easy to apply too? I would love to see some of your designs, let me know what you think in the comments box below.
Until next time...