Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mother's Day Nail Art; because every Mother deserves flowers...

In the UK it is Mothering Sunday this weekend (I hope you have all planned something special!?) I don’t think there is a more perfect way to spoil your Mum and tell her how much you love her than a good old pampering session. So, instead of the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers, why not treat your Mum to a beautiful Mother’s Day inspired manicure…

To make it really special, you can go all out, pull out all the stops and give her a manicure experience to remember. First of all, set the ambiance and play some soothing background music, or something that you both like to listen to. Bathe hands in a homemade soak. This is basically a bowl of warm water that is filled deep enough to cover both hands once they have been submerged. You can add moisturising body wash to the mix, or can just add some scented oils to fill the room with a beautiful aroma, and to also soften the hands. Lavender is a good shout, which boasts lots of relaxation properties. Soak for around 10 minutes. Next up is a relaxing massage, place a large dollop of water based hand cream or moisturising oil (a thick hand cream will not work) and gently massage the hands up the forearm to the elbow, making sure you use circular motions and you don’t miss a spot, even get in between the fingers (I should also point out, that the removal of rings would be a good idea – should have actually mentioned that at the beginning, better late than never, eh?) A good hand massage should last around 10 minutes, longer if you want, I’m sure your Mum wouldn’t say no!
Once this has been done, the hands need to prepped and ready to paint; File nails to the desired shape and length, cleaned under the nail and also by wiping the nails with a cotton swab to rid it off any cream and natural oils, and a base coat (optional) is applied.
Nail polishes used:
Choose your base colour, I have gone for one coat of 'Apricot Punch' and one coat of 'Instyle Coral' both by Rimmel London. When applied together, they mix well to create a nice peachy coral colour. I like to use nail polish brands that just allow me to apply one coat of polish, two if required, but that is my maximum. Once dry, tip the nail with the white polish. I used white nail art polish by 'Kiss', which has a very thin application brush. Let this dry.
Now comes the fun part. Pick two complimentary colours to use for your flowers; one for the petals, and the other for the centre. For this design, I have chosen the pink and blue nail art polish by 'Kiss'. Paint four to five petals (I always do all the petals first on all fingers, so I don’t have to change the polish) and then place a dot in the centre to complete your flower. To finish it off, add a touch of green to resemble leaves and/or a steam. Always add a top coat of clear polish to seal in your art work and give it that extra sparkle. This also makes the whole manicure come together and somehow blends the polishes to make it look complete.
There you go, a beautiful manicure and one very happy Mummy! Or if you have done it for yourself, a very happy YOU!
What are you going to do for your Mum this Mother’s Day?
Let me know what you think of the design, and if you shall be giving it a go.
Until next time…