Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Nail Art

Tomorrow marks the day of all things green, little leprechauns, and tacky shamrock laden memorabilia. Yes, it's St Patrick's Day, the patron Saint of Ireland. A day which is notorious for Paddies across the globe to break Lent and allow themselves a little tipple of the black stuff - Guinness. I'm joining in by marking the day with my special St Patrick's Day nail art. A white wine spritzer is more my poison of choice.

My nail polish collection doesn't consist of many green polishes. I am not an avid fan of the colour, and just tend to use them for minimal detail for leaves in some flower designs. I did however buy into the hype of mint green nails a few seasons ago and made a purchase at the Revlon counter called 'Minted', which is a very Tiffany & Co-esque in colour, which I actually don't mind. I used this said polish for my base coat.

I tipped the nails with MUA's 'All Nude' polish, which is an off white colour, just so the green wasn't too overbearing. I allowed this to dry completely before beginning to start my shamrock detail.

To create the shamrocks, I used a large dotting tool to create the main body of the detail, placing three large dots together in a triangular shape; I then used a smaller dotting tool to flick the green out to create the stem.

To finish off the manicure, I separated the green and white main colours with a silver glittery stripe to add a touch of sparkle and to complete the look I had in mind. For this I used a silver nail art paint by a company called 'Kiss' which I bought from Superdrug. I really recommend their nail art paints, as they come with a very thin application brush, which makes nail art a doddle. I would have liked to have used a gold glitter to resemble the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but a gold glitter is absent from my collection :(.

Allow all to dry and apply a top coat. I used MUA's top coat, as that's all I have at the moment; I am still waiting to purchase the fast drying top coat from Seche Vite. I am not overly impressed with this top coat, so wouldn't really recommend, but for £1 it does the job. I have to say I have used better top coats by OPI and Nails Inc, which are more expensive, obviously. I guess like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Are you doing anything special for St Patrick's Day?

To those who are celebrating (I'm sure my family on the west coast of Ireland in County Mayo shall be) and those who will be plastic paddy's for the day, I hope you have a great day and have a pint of Guinness for me.

Until next time...