Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Inspired Nail Art

I am sure most of your are looking forward to a nice long weekend, spending time with family and friends and munching on tons of chocolate. Well, that's what most people here in the UK tend to do. However, Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and chocolate, it also has an important religious significance too, which you can read about here.

I have gone down the less traditional Catholic route to display my Easter festivities on my finger tips, and have gone for a multi-coloured, more modern take on Easter...

This has probably been the most adventurous nail art I have attempted, and without blowing my own trumpet, I think they have come off rather nicely. It took forever to do, and with a lot of patience, a steady hand, and a multitude of polishes and tools, I finally got there.

Here is what I used:

From left to right:

Black Taxi by Nails Inc
Pink by Nails Supreme
Silver glitter nail paint by Kiss
Blue nail paint by Kiss
Royal Indigo by 17
Strawberry by Barry M
Berry by Barry M
Matte White by Barry M
Lemon by Barry M
Sweet As Sugar by Rimmel London
Green nail paint by Kiss
Pink nail paint by Kiss
Miami by 17

The tools used:

I used dotting tools to apply the more intricate designs like the egg detail, eyes, small flicks. I used the paint brushes for the bigger designs such as the egg, Easter bunny and butterfly.

Let me introduce you to my little friends:

The pinky: A little Easter chick complete with bright orange beak and fluffy hair.

The ring finger: A speckled Easter egg just like the yummy little treats you get in packets of Cadbury's Mini Eggs. This nail art resembled an Easter egg hunt, and used grass detail to create this effect.

The middle finger: This one was probably the hardest to do, and as you can see is the character most associated with Easter now; the Easter Bunny.

The index finger: I gained inspiration for this one from my childhood, where every Easter at Primary School we had a competition to decorate your own egg with paints, glitter, sequins or any other crafts you could find. This was just a nail to have fun with, with dots, lines, zigzags, and just to add a bit of creativity.

The Thumb: This nail is not necessarily Easter related; more for the time of year. The butterfly resembles Spring, new life and growth. The silver body and antennas add a bit of sparkle to the design.

I don't tend to do different nail designs on each finger, I much prefer a more uniformed look, although I can sometimes be partial to the accent nail on the ring finger. However these designs have changed my opinion, as I do really like the look of them. They have received lots of compliments too, from both adults and children. I even got a comment today, saying "they were like little bits of art on your fingers", which of course I love to hear as I did put so much effort into creating them.

I think the colours together all tie in together and complement each other too.

To top off all the designs, I finally got to use my newly purchased bottle of Seche Vite fast drying top coat. I was super excited to use it when I purchased it, and I have to say it did not disappoint. I am going to put myself out there and keep with the religious theme and say it is the Holy Grail of top coats. This stuff is a-maz-ing! If you do not have a bottle, I suggest you pick yourself up some. I bought mine from Boots for £9.00, but I know you can get it cheaper on Amazon if you don't mind waiting the posting time.

Which one is your favourite?
Do you have any Easter nail art designs you want to share?

Until next time...