Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pink and gold skittle manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My second pink Breast Cancer Awareness manicure comes in the form of this little sparkly skittle manicure:
I decided to go with pink in lots of different forms and pair it with gold, as I think this colour combination is rather lovely. I first prepped my nails my clipping them a little shorter, filing down the tips and then coating all ten digits in OPI's base coat.
I usually prefer a more uniform manicure with all ten nails the same. However I have experimented with a skittle type manicure in the past, and I thought I would try and do one again. You can have so much fun with these manicures and create lots of different looks all on one hand, which I am becoming quite fond of.
Here are the nails, step-by-step, finger-by-finger:
The pinky:
I used a dark metallic pink by Jessica called 'Kensigton Rose' as my base coat. Using a small dotting tool I placed small polka dots all over the nail with Seche Vite's 'Delicate'. I applied a top coat of SV to help with drying time, and then topped it off with Nails Inc Matte top coat.
The ring finer:
I think this is my favourite nail of the bunch. Its so sparkly, looks like it has so many layers, and it also meant I was able to try my newly acquired nail polish from Barry M. It doesn't have a name on the bottle, which is a bit annoying. It a lovely pink iridescent glitter and is so sparkly its unbelievable. I used three coats of the glitter on top of Seche Vites 'delicate' to create this look and topped it off with two coats of SV to give it a glass like finish, which is smooth to the touch.
The middle finger:
I used Leighton Denny's 'Hint of Mint' as my base colour. Once this was dry I free handed on some stripes using a nail art brush. For these I uses Seche Vite's 'delicate' topped with my new Barry M pink glitter and for the gold I used Barry M's foil gold topped with Nails Inc 'Wembley'. I then of course finished it all off with a couple of layers of SV.
The pointer:
For this nail I used Barry M's gold foil nail polish, and to add that extra sparkle I added a layer of Nails Inc 'Wembley' to give even more sparkle. To add a touch of pink to this nail I placed a light pink heart shaped stud which I bought from Sparkly-nails. I attached it using clear polish and sealed it onto the nail using another coat of SV.
The thumb:
This one is probably my least favourite nail. I used Seche Vite's 'delicate' as my base coat and then created a gradient effect using the Barry M pink glitter, making it packed with glitter towards the cuticle and lighter towards the tip. I then mattified the manicure with Nail's Inc Matte top coat. I think making it matte made it look a little dirty rather than the effect I was actually going for. I wanted to tie it I with pinky finger which was also made matte using the same polish.
Over all I do love this manicure, I think the pink and gold are really lovely together. For those of you who don't really like to wear pink nails, this a great way to combine the #WearItPink colour into a manicure without it being too overpowering and also help create awareness of such a worthy cause throughout the month of October.
Are you a fan of the skittle manicure look? Which nail do you like the best? What other colour combo's do you like to mix with pink?
Until next time...