Friday, 10 May 2013

A little bit of stripe

Oops, I've done it again! The boyfriend switched the TV on to QVC and before I know it I have the laptop in my hands and I'm logging in to purchase yet another set of nail polishes. This time it was a set by Leighton Denny. Even though it was an impulse purchase, I am definitely not disappointed. It has some lovely colours in it and I've been able to create some very nice manicures with them. I hadn't heard of Leighton Denny before, but the polishes are lovely; just the right consistency, a lovely finish, and perfect with just two coats.

The first polish I used was probably my favourite in the collection; Summer Fizz. It has a sand-like look to it when applied, but not by texture. I guess this is where the 'fizz' part of its moniker comes into play. It's really pretty, I don't think the photos capture its real fizziness. It reminds me of the Refresher tablet sweets I use to get in lucky bags when I was a child.
Even though it is a very pretty colour on its own, I decided to use a red polish by 'Fraulein' to add some stripes. The application brushes on the Fraulein polishes are super thin, which makes nail art and in particular lines really easy to do.
I decided on diagonal strips, using different directions for the two outer fingernails, so they mirrored either side of the hand. I created a crisscross design for the middle finger to complete the look. I decided to mattify this manicure using nails inc 'Westminster Bridge' rather than using SV.

I have had lots of compliments on this design. I think the colours really work well with each other, are ideal for summer, and even got the thumbs up from the boyfriend. I have also had comments at work likening the design to sweets and lollipops, but I think it looks very similar to a perfume bottle I have in the bathroom cabinet called 'Pink Sugar' by Aquolina. I even had my Mum ask me to recreate this design using the pale purple colour by Leighton Denny, which looked fabulous too.

Here are the other polishes in the Leighton Denny collection, complete with holding case. I shall definitely be featuring some other designs using his polishes in the very near future. So stay tuned.
What do you think?

Anyone else used Leighton Denny before?

Until next time...